As we have grown over the years, we find ourselves often asked to shed light on our endeavors and the hurdles we've had to overcome in order to create an efficient and affordable Rapid Prototyping firm. We have willingly shared this information with many of our fellow entrepreneurs, neighbors, as well as local media. Often these conversations make their way into a local media article or two. Many of our clients find their way to us after reading these pieces and so we thought, 'why not create a library of sorts?' for current and prospective clients such that they can easily learn a little bit more about our history.


Entrepreneurs in Residence: Q&A with Joseph Sinclair


Langan LaunchBox Debut Announces Initiatives to Boost Local Economy


Solid Dynamics Taking 3-D Printers to School


Don't call it 3-D printing: It's Additive Manufacturing


Alumnus Parlays Interest in 3D Printing


3-D Printing is a Solid Venture for Multidisciplinary Engineering Student

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