A newly installed printer farm of 20 PerceptEngine FDM Systems at Solid Dynamics' Penn State Main Office

A newly installed printer farm of 20 PerceptEngine FDM Systems at Solid Dynamics' Penn State Main Office

Introducing PerceptEngine

PerceptEngine is a patent pending In-Situ process monitoring, data collection and correction software suite for Additive Manufacturing (AM) tools. PerceptEngine provides the user the ability to manage and monitor multiple Additive Manufacturing tools remotely, efficiently and effectively using the SolidScore system. PerceptEngine assesses the AM build layer by layer using sensors and a complex set of algorithms and develops a rolling SolidScore for the build event. This SolidScore is used to project the likelihood the build will complete correctly while also capturing every layer of the build process for assessment, analysis and permanent Quality records. Further very significant benefits accrue to the user by applying Artificial Intelligence to subsequent builds to "teach" the tool and program to "fix themselves".

How does PerceptEngine work?

PerceptEngine provides direct machine control combined with coordinated sensory inputs to provide layer by layer assessments of what is happening on the AM work surface and build structure. PerceptEngine looks at every layer of the AM build through our optical recognition system, compares it to the original 3D model, and scores it for accuracy. By using a layer by layer approach the Solid Score is updated continually throughout the build process providing real time analysis via an easy and readily understood Solid Score metric.

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The Importance of PerceptEngine

PerceptEngine is a critical enabling technology that makes Additive Manufacturing equipment and methods simple, repeatable and readily available to mainstream manufacturers by:

  • Providing users the ability to set up and operate multiple AM tools, either remotely or in person, while capturing and recording the entire build sequence
  • Providing a known Quality standard via the SolidScore to enable benchmarking of AM built structures
  • Substantially lowering cost to producers since faults in the build sequence are discovered immediately in real time (rather than after the build is complete as is the current norm)
  • Increasing AM Technology Readiness Level substantially by providing AM design insight prior to the actual build. This enables users with less experience to effectively operate AM equipment without the need for advanced training or specific skill sets
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to continuously improve AM processes, equipment and methodology

It is said that "a picture is worth a thousand words". The following images are screen shots of PerceptEngine in action, recently working in the real world environment and on the shop floor of Imperial Machine & Tool Co. in Columbia, NJ.

welcome to the dashboard

PerceptEngine Dash Board.jpg

The top windows show live video footage from operator-selected AM devices. The SolidScore value in the top right corner of these video feeds allows an operator to instantly understand how well a specific build and specific system is performing in real-time.

The Green (online) and Red (offline) icons indicate the status of different AM devices connected to PerceptEngine. To control and monitor a specific system, the operator simply clicks the chosen printer number and the Control Host pops up.

functionality at your fingertips

PerceptEngine Control Host.jpg

After launching the control host window, users can view details of a specific build or AM system. Graphical descriptions of SolidScore history as well as real-time critical performance characteristics of every layer of every build are easily and readily available. AM equipment can be operated, controlled and monitored easily and remotely from anywhere in the world.

For more information about PerceptEngine or Solid Innovations, LLC please contact info@solidinnovations.net