Part 2: Ascension

Previously, we spoke about great minds being never truly satisfied with the status quo of industry. Lucky for us, we were able to link up and partner with some of these visionaries in the Additive Manufacturing space who are actively pursuing what we believe to be the next game changing innovation.

The entity with this ground breaking technology is Solid Innovations, LLC. Solid Innovations is based in East Stroudsburg, PA and focuses primarily on building technology solutions that provide real time perception and reaction to the subtle changes that happen in manufacturing environments. They are focused on building streamlined solutions that make real world outcomes consistently better through the use of proprietary software platforms designed to provide accurate and timely data based monitoring and correction while informing workflow elements of enterprise systems.

Why does this matter? 

Solid Dynamics has always been a rapid prototyping service provider that utilizes the latest techniques in additive manufacturing to design and produce quality products for our customers. Our focus is to work side by side with clients to make their product or prototype ideas reality. In order to effectively function, we continue to utilize our vast array of engineering knowledge, along with our deep understanding of three-dimensional printing and computer-aided design software to create and build products that meet the needs of our clients.

Since Solid Dynamics’ inception, we have had to focus the majority of our time fabricating customer components using additive manufacturing (aka 3D-Printing) techniques and machines. We were often required to “baby-sit” our printers to ensure they would continue running without issue. Requiring highly trained engineers to watch 3D-Printers run became a costly endeavor and inhibited our ability to innovate and service additional customers. 

After hearing about Solid Innovations, we learned about their PerceptEngine product. We immediately realized it would allow us to bypass our existing bottle necks and would enable our team to engage new customers.

So.... What is PerceptEngine?

PerceptEngine is a patent pending in-situ process monitoring, data collection and correction software suite for Additive Manufacturing (AM) tools. PerceptEngine provides the user the ability to manage and monitor multiple Additive Manufacturing (AM) tools efficiently, effectively, and remotely from anywhere in the world. PerceptEngine assesses an AM build layer by layer using sensors and a complex set of algorithms. The data generated from these sensor, in combination with PerceptEngine’s proprietary algorithms, give rise to a metric known as the SolidScore. The SolidScore metric value produced every layer is tracked continuously throughout a build and indicates to a user the likelihood of an AM build completing successfully.

Beyond remote monitoring and the SolidScore metric, PerceptEngine utilizes artificial intelligence to make decisions independent of a user to ensure successful completion of a build. These independent decisions can range from redesigning a component in-process to stopping a build completely to save material and machine time in the case of a catastrophic failure. These features drastically increase productivity and allow users to focus their time, money, and creativity on new customers and projects.

Solid Dynamics now acts as one of Solid Innovations commercial test sites. The information we provide the Solid Innovations team allows them to improve existing features as well as create new features that directly affect the bottom line of PerceptEngine users just like us. 

The Solid Dynamics team thanks the Solid innovations team for having us as part of their ongoing commercial partnership program and for bringing much needed ingenuity and innovation to the Additive Manufacturing space.

For more information on Solid Dynamics use of PerceptEngine please visit the PerceptEngine page on our website: Any further questions regarding PerceptEngine can be answered by the folks at Solid Innovations:

- Joseph M. Sinclair