Part 1: Genesis

For those who do not know, Solid Dynamics, LLC was founded in 2014 by Joseph M. Sinclair (then an undergraduate at Penn State Main Campus), to alleviate the overwhelming need for rapid prototyping work in the State College area. 

Since the companies inception, we have focused on meeting immediate, foreseeable, and future demand by implementing technical and business practices that allow us to produce the highest quality prototypes, in the shortest amount of time, with the least impact on our clients research and development budgets. This focus on reliable throughput and reduced lead times has enabled Solid Dynamics to garner the business of private entities based in Center County, undergraduate and graduate students from Penn State Main as well as various branch campuses, international oil and gas companies, and even U.S. based Department of Defense contractors. 

As we have grown, so have our team members and our mission. We have learned to utilize and employee the most advanced additive manufacturing equipment available to us. These systems include RepRap based Fused Fillament Fabrication (FFF) systems, commercial based Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) systems, commercial Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) systems, Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) metal systems, and even commercially available Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) aka sheet lamination machines. Though we haven't found a reasonable need to use an Electron Beam Melting (EBM) system yet but we are still working on it...

On-top of our growing knowledge of all things Additive Manufacturing, we have an assortment of experience with both commercial Computer Design Modeling (CAD) software(s) and Standard Tessellation Language/STereoLithography (.STL) file repair and manipulation programs. 

Combining these skills with our partnerships and growing relationships with machine shops, injection molding facilities, heat treating/plating houses, and advanced manufacturing facilities, we have been able to advance customer ideas and products from a simple graphite sketch on a spare bar napkin, to thousands of precisely machined, end-use products.  

The technology and design methods we employee have allowed not only Solid Dynamics to succeed on a business level but our team as well from a professional perspective. Team members and partners, both current and past, have gone on to work with and for companies such as General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, SpaceX, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and General Dynamics. 

We take great pride in our work and always do our best to make certain our clients are satisfied with the development of their ideas and ultimately their products. 

However, great minds are never truly satisfied with the status quo of industry and are always looking for that next innovation, the one that will set them apart from all the rest, this is where the Solid Dynamics story truly begins...

- Joseph M. Sinclair