Solid Dynamics is a full service rapid prototyping firm, with a specialty in 3D printing.

Our services include design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and more.


We will communicate with you to understand your needs. Our team of talented design engineers will bring your idea to life in Solidworks.


We ensure that our solution fits your needs. Our team will put your design through rounds of testing to ensure that we deliver a great prototype.



We have a fleet of 14 additive manufacturing systems that allow us to quickly build complex prototypes in a variety of materials.

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Solid Dynamics was created to save you time and money.

We handle every stage of the prototyping process in-house, reducing costs and turnaround time.



no delay for shipping

no markup


 changes can be implemented on the fly

Solid Dynamics has a unique set of printers that can handle any job.

Our fleet of amazing printers allows us to create incredible prototypes.